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What is the Prasouda Diet

The Prasouda Lifestyle is an old world way of eating, living and being.

Using the word ‘diet’ really is misleading and besides, just saying or thinking the word ‘diet’ can give you a really negative vibe.

The Prasouda Diet is more of an elegant style of eating that originates in the European cultures of Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Consisting of easily found, simple to prepare, whole foods. The menu isn’t at all complex but the combinations and recipes are tasty and abundant.

Because the Prasouda Diet has its roots centuries ago the foods are all natural and fresh. Just the change alone will detoxify your body from all the chemicals you have ingested over the years from packaged and manufactured foods.

The Prasouda way of life has caught the attention of modern day people because of the clinical studies done over the years on the people who live the Prasouda lifestyle. It became apparent that those people were living longer and healthier.

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By adopting an alternative healthy lifestyle your life will improve in many ways. Some of the reported advantages are increase in energy, healthier hair and skin, weight loss, improved cognitive function. These and many any more benefits of the Prasouda diet are being studied.

A highly nutritious meal plan that consists of fibre-rich foods like whole grains and colourful fruits. A variety of fresh vegetables and recipes for nutrient dense dips that will make your mouth water.

Pasta dishes served with tangy sauces, a fresh hot roll for dipping, served with a glass of wine.


You may remember a few years ago when some of these newer studies of areas of the world where people were living long and healthy lives. The News whittled down the information into one common element and that was these – heart healthy, long living, rarely an incidence of cancer – people drank wine.

It is part of the diet. Wine has many wonderful and healthy properties that when consumed with this old world lifestyle its beneficial features are unleashed.

So if you like food, and you are ready to feel good about what you are eating, and don’t want to get bogged down in foolish diet games I think you will like to look at the Prasouda Diet.

The way its ‘dished out’ is a little different than what we’ve been told with the old food pyramid. This one is a balance of 10% grains, 10% olive oil (I’ll get to that in a minute), 20% meats – mostly fish and chicken – but there is still room for red meat, and 60% is fruits and vegetables.

There are many healthy qualities to olive oil. 10% sounds like a lot but it isn’t. The oil is used in sauces, for cooking and dips.

Unlike many of the commercial diets on the market shelves, and because this really isn’t a ‘diet’ but an eating style, there are no supplements being sold or pills being pushed. So no additional money falling out of your wallet. On this Prasouda diet you will see a big change in your health and weight.

Keeping it simple is a general principal of this Prasouda diet. The food itself is simple to get and prepare. Easily enjoying fresh fruit, some cheese, bread and a glass of wine is about as stress free as you can get.

Generally the diet consists of fruits, vegetables, grains (breads and cereal), seeds, nuts, beans (and legumes), olive oil, dairy, fish (mostly), chicken, some red meat (beef, lamb), wine, and eggs.

You can already see at a glance that there is limited saturated fats and an abundance of good Omega 3’s and 6’s. The diet is almost effortless, no calorie counting required. Did you know that the type of fat in olive oil is believed to actually work against obesity?

There you have it, people who live by the Prasouda Diet have been shown to lose fat and maintain a leaner body for life. Have improved mental function, longer life expectancy, lower risk of high blood pressure and strokes, less likely to develop Alzheimer and type 2 diabetes.