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Prasouda diet is tasty, heart healthy, brain healthy and approved*!

Is it Prasouda or Mediterranean?

Both – sort of.

Prasouda is actually a lifestyle of fresh air, activity and good, healthy, fresh robust foods. These foods and recipes have their roots in what is commonly referred to as the Mediterranean diet.

The diet itself has essentially been unchanged for centuries feeding several dozen healthy generations that boast of long and healthy lives. many diseases that are prevalent in modern western society are rare occurrences in the persons who live by the Prasouda lifestyle.

The diet and lifestyle of these people has been studied and reported on by authority sources such as the Mayo Clinic, as well as pop-star physicians like Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola. They all seem to agree that this is one heck of a healthy way to live. There are also pockets of what is referred to as ‘blue zones’ where Centurions (people who live past 100) are practically common.

Medical research has revealed that incidents of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and many other illness can be linked to our diets.

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When a Westerner first looks at the Prasouda or Mediterranean diet they find it difficult to believe that this diet is also responsible for a society that does NOT suffer from an obesity problem.

High in carbohydrates with an abundance of nutrient dense vegetables and hi fibre fruits. Plus the fats from nuts, seeds, and olives might see high to. But in comparison to the fats the Western diet has habitually ingested through fried foods and red meats you can see their fats are much healthier and richly metabolized by the body for energy and alertness.

Animal protein sources are predominantly fish and chicken, some eggs and very little red meat.

The meal has several courses. Accompanied with a glass of wine it begins with a salad of fresh garden lettuce, tomatoes and whatever is in season. Warm – fleshy baked bread made from naturally ground ingredients, and dipped into a mix of olive oil and herbs of the season.

Next comes a soup of hearty garden vegetables, it may or may not have chicken or fish. The dinner plate will consist of more vegetables, occasionally red meat, and more fresh baked bread. The meal ends with a wonderful dessert of fresh, sweet flavours.

Then sit back and digest for a bit with more wine or a rich deep Coffee.

Again what is different about their style of eating is it is relaxed and enjoyed. Not shovelled in over a phone conference or TV re-runs.

Getting up after a meal and moving is the Prasouda way. Dance, walk, or spend time in the garden. Maybe go for a bike ride too.