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The Difference with Prasouda Diet Plan

North America and the Prasouda Life

It appears that as a nation we have stopped enjoying our meals. We don’t plan our meals or schedule our activity around them. We eat at our desks or skip meals altogether – then chow down on the most convenient thing available to shut up our hungry belly’s.

Hardly a thought goes into our diet. Unless we want to lose weight then the more popular diets are the “get thin quick” diets that are doomed to become malnourished and cause the participant to quit within weeks.

Our food has become something different.

Unhealthy, processes, fatty foods are what tastes good to us. This makes it difficult to switch to a healthy diet plan – almost as though eating healthy is a punishment.

Is there something added to the processed foods that keep us eating them even though we aren’t enjoying them?

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Do you know where your food is coming from? How its made – or grown? When you go grocery shopping do you always buy the same thing whether it is in season in your area or not?

When was the last time you had something that you really, really enjoyed. I would bet it was when you were with friends and family or at a community event that you were having fun.

Are you still grabbing for the white bread from the mass producers or the whole grain from the local bakery. Have you read the ingredients lately?

Have you ever had a freshly grown tomato or strawberry? Not hydroponic, not hot house. Fresh! The difference in price isn’t that much, if anything really. The difference is just in paying attention and knowing where to get fresh produce. It might mean having to go to some out of the way places or – ordering online.

The Prasouda life means to pay homage to your body by being particular about what you put in it. Fresh foods and very little dairy or red meats. But note they aren’t completely banished.

If you LOVE to eat the Prasouda diet is for you. It will bring you back to focusing on your food and the taste as you eat your meal – rather than watching TV or sending off an email.

The Mediterranean and the Prasouda Life

Historically the Mediterranean inhabitants celebrate their meals by eating and enjoying simply made dishes. They are very tasty though because the ingredients are chosen to compliment and herbs that highly tune the tastebuds.

The diet is designed around the seasons so all the foods are fresh and many are freshly grown at home. Tomato’s can easily be grown at home – even if you live in an apartment. There are some great books on how to do that.

Another comparison is North America eats a lot of red meat and the Prasouda diet is predominantly fish. Shellfish, whitefish, salmon – yum! Just as an aside – did you know that studies show that fish is also good for mood?

Just imagine, fresh, simply prepared foods, tasty as all get out and taking the time to really enjoy it. With a glass of rich red wine too of course.

Its just a healthy way to live.