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Breast Cancer and the Prasouda Diet

prasouda diet no cancer

Healthy body and healthy organs need a healthy meal plan of a rich vitamin supply of nutritious food. When you eat well you are on your way to an entire healthy lifestyle.

It is through this that you reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes and several different strains of cancerous afflictions.

There was a study done in France by the American Journal of Epidemiology that showed that women who were proponents of the Mediterranean style Prasouda Diet had a reduced risk of developing cancer. This study was focused on the post menopausal woman who adhered to the healthy diet of vegetables, sunflower and olive oils, fish and fruits.

After about 20 years of scientific research the indication was that it was indeed the diet itself that was instrumental in the positive findings.

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This diet is high in fibre’s, vitamin’s E and C, polyphenols, glutathione and selenium. It seems that some of the natural ingredients are actually “anti-cancer”. Olive oil contains oleic acid which is a fatty acid believed to be able to block cancer. Also with its high levels of omega-6’s and 3’s found in the fish is also another natural cancer fighter.

It isn’t just cancer that is notably absent in people who live by the Prasouda lifestyle, but also a lack of illness and disease.

High energy foods that deliver a delicious meals all the time. Simple to prepare and a feast for the mouth and the eyes.

Why not eat well, live well, boost your immune system and increase your chances for a long and healthy life.