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Prasouda Lifestyle and Metabolic Syndrome

prasouda diet reduce metabolic syndrome

Briefly, metabolic syndrome can be diagnosed in someone who has a waist that is more than 35 inches for women and over 40 inches for men, a high blood glucose level of 100mg/dl during their fast, high blood pressure of 130/85 or more, Less than 50 HDL (good cholesterol) in women and 40 in men, and triglycerides at or over 150 mg/dl.

These are top risk factors that contribute to diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

The Journal of American College of Cardiology released a study of over 530,000 subjects collected in 50 different research papers. Across the board they found there was a reduced risk of metabolic syndrome with the participants who live by a Prasouda Mediterranean diet.

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It is known to be a diet for heart health and now has another feather in its cap.

In these studies there were reports of lower blood pressure, reduced blood sugar spikes and more stable HDL cholesterol.

It seems that a daily diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, low-fat dairy, poultry, legumes and tree nuts all with a hearty supply of olive’s and their oils as well as a daily consumption of good wine – is good for you!

The other boost to brag about is the reduced consumption of red meats.