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Heart Healthy Prasouda Lifestyle

heart healthy proasouda diet

It is estimated that close to 18 million people suffer from some form of heart disease. That is approximately 30% of the of the worlds population. The majority of the cases are a direct result of unhealthy lifestyles. Almost 80% of this can be avoided by a more healthy way of life.

The heart is what supplies nutrient and oxygen rich blood cells all over our body’s. It works all day everyday and without it we are hooped. The blood then returns with waste such as carbon dioxide and other byproducts of metabolism.

Your heart pumps enough blood in the run of a day to fill a tanker car. Ba dum ba dum ba dum!

Some forms of heart disease can be arrhythmia, which is an irregular heartbeat or problems with the valves. Coronary heart disease caused by plaque deposits in the arteries is quite common. This restricts the normal blood flow as a result of the fatty build up.

Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking cal all attribute to atherosclerosis.

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The Prasouda lifestyle has been shown to have a positive effect on a healthy body including lowered incidences of heart disease. Eating a diet of healthy foods comprised mostly of fish, fruits and vegetables

What is in the Prasouda Diet?

  • Fruits and vegetables – These are the stuff most of a meal is made of. Packed with a variety of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins with fibre’s and antioxidants all geared up to make you as healthy as you can get.
  • Olive oil – This is a stable of any Prasouda Mediterranean diet. Rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. This alone can be crowned as king of cancer fighting and cholesterol queen. Very good for the heart.
  • Fish – it the number one non vegetable protein source. The Prasouda diet is very low in red meats and fish has such great protein, omega 3’s in the more oily fish like salmon. Not only is fish great for heart health, its a natural ‘feel good’ for mental health.
  • Red Wine – Part of the Prasouda lifestyle is to sit and relax and really enjoy your meals. Take in every delicious bite and sip a glass or two of full bodied red wine. In the wind is flavonoid phenolics that has been shown to increase the good cholesterol HDL and reduce the risk of heart disease. It also helps to prevent blood clotting