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Prasouda Diet and Olive Oil

The Prasouda Diet pyramid is 10% fats. Much of this is from olive oil which is used for cooking, dips and sauces.

What is so great about olive oil is; it is considered by many to be the best for human uses. Our stomachs are more tolerant of this oil and known to prevent gastritis and the formation of ulcers. Its also known for a treatment with urinary tract infections and dissolving small blood clots in capillaries. Strong bones, healthy brains and longer lives are all attributed to olive oil.

Whats so good about Olive Oil?

Cholagogue – Olive oil is a chalogogue which means it helps with smooth operation of the bile duct. If this isn’t functioning properly several disorders can happen like jaundice or mild hepatitis. It also aids in fat soluble digestion (helps absorb nutrients and vitamins), liver detoxification and helps prevent constipation and the formation of gallstones.

Oleates – a naturally occurring fatty acid that helps promote bone health. Great for people who have problems with bone calcification. It is also known for its positive effect on brain, nervous system development.

Panacea – This just means “good for all that ails you”. It has shown to protect against infection, elevate immune systems, great for hair and skin.

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Lower LDLs – LDL’s are those bad cholesterol’s that are responsible for clogged arteries. Olive oil is shown to reduce the level of LDL’s in the body.

Antioxidants – Naturally occurring antioxidants responsible for clean artery’s, and the reduction of chronic diseases like cancer.

Vitamins – A, B1, B2, C, D, E and K ( more on vitamins in Proasouda Diet and Olive Oil)

Oleic Acid – Used in moisturizers and beauty bar’s. For centuries olive oil has been used on the skin in Greece and Italy, to heal and moisturize. Olecic acid is also found in human milk and in our brains it is found in the myelin. This is the important protective sheath that covers and protects our communicating neurons. The myelin is 70% fat.

Oleic acid is an important ingredient in Lorenzo’s Oil.

Cholesterol – None in Olive oil! What Olive oil does is helps to clean the (bad) LDL’s out of the system leaving behind the (good) HDH’s that the body needs to keep your arteries clean.

To break this down a little further:

  • Cholesterol is actually a necessary and naturally occurring lipid, it is essential for maintaining cells and membranes all over and in all parts of our bodies.

  • Liproprotein is a wrapping made of fatty-protein’s that cholesterol needs in order to be circulated in the body.

  • The LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) is responsible for “delivering” the cholesterol to parts of the body that need it.

  • HDL’s (High-density lopoprotein) picks up the cholesterol and transports it back to the liver where it is either reprocessed or excreted.

  • The LDL’s are called bad because they are the ones that will stick to the arterial wall whereas the HDL’s act like little snow-plows cleaning away unneeded cholesterol.

One particular and notable type of olive used in the production of Olive Oil is the Kalamata olive. Named after the area in Greece it is grown and well known world wide for its supply of olives and olive oils.

Kalamata Olives have a distinct taste and look different then ‘regular’ black and green olives. They are meaty in texture, sweet and rich in flavour. Often only available in specialty stores, used sliced with cheeses and vegetables.