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Prasouda Lifestyle and Metabolic Syndrome

Briefly, metabolic syndrome can be diagnosed in someone who has a waist that is more than 35 inches for women and over 40 inches for men, a high blood glucose level of 100mg/dl during their fast, high blood pressure of 130/85 or more, Less than 50 HDL (good cholesterol) in women and 40 in men, and triglycerides at or over 150 mg/dl. These are top risk factors that contribute to diabetes, stroke and heart disease. The Journal of American College of Cardiology released a study of over 530,000 subjects collected in 50 different research papers. Across the board they found there was a reduced risk of metabolic syndrome with the participants who live by a Prasouda Mediterranean diet. Lose 5, 15, even 50 pounds Free! Top Trainers … [Read more...]

Foods in the Prasouda Diet

The Prasouda Mediterranean diet is made of foods traditionally found in the Mediterranean area of Europe. These are all foods grown locally and served fresh. Obesity is not a usual problem among persons who live the Prasouda lifestyle and in large part to the fabulous foods that make up their diet. Lets first look at Italy. Pasta and pizza is the common thought that is formed but their diet is much richer than that. Bordered by the sea there is a fair bit of fish in their diet as well. From their gardens they grow nutritious vegetables like delicious, plump tomatoes Because of the varied growing seasons year round there is a cycle of planting and harvesting leading to a variety of foods that are served in wonderful … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer and the Prasouda Diet

Healthy body and healthy organs need a healthy meal plan of a rich vitamin supply of nutritious food. When you eat well you are on your way to an entire healthy lifestyle. It is through this that you reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes and several different strains of cancerous afflictions. There was a study done in France by the American Journal of Epidemiology that showed that women who were proponents of the Mediterranean style Prasouda Diet had a reduced risk of developing cancer. This study was focused on the post menopausal woman who adhered to the healthy diet of vegetables, sunflower and olive oils, fish and fruits. After about 20 years of scientific research the indication was that it was indeed the diet itself that … [Read more...]

Prasouda Food Nutrition Facts

Nutrient and Vitamin Rich Prasouda Diet Here is a short, general list of all the vitamins and nutrients your body will benefit from on the Prasouda diet. Vitamin. A - Found in foods from animals in the vitamin A form. It exists as carotenoids in some fruits and vegetables where your body still has to convert it to vitamin A. Also referred to as retinol - because of its role in vision (the eye retina). Very effective support for the immune system, bone development, muscle tissue, reproduction and growth. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - Sunflower seeds and tuna. Navy, pinto, Lima and Black beans. Dried and green peas, flax and lentils. Thiamine is good for nerves and muscles, so if you feel tender in your muscles or 'pins & … [Read more...]

Prasouda Diet Recipe Couscous and Bean Salad

One of the things I love about this Prasouda recipe is all the ingredients are easy to find. If you live in a rural area you might have a little more difficulty finding these so I've included links to a resource page where you can order the authentic Prasouda Diet ingredients online for your convenience. Ingredients: ** For 6 servings ** 6oz of packaged couscous wild mushroom mix Dijon mustard, 1t Italian light dressing - 1/2c 1/4c oven roasted boneless chicken breast - Diced **top with a liberal amount of chili powder and basil mix before you put in oven** 16oz cut green beans - fresh (cooked al dente) or canned (packed in water) 16oz red beans - rinse and drain well 16oz chickpeas - rinse and drain well 1/3c kalamata … [Read more...]