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Foods in the Prasouda Diet

The Prasouda Mediterranean diet is made of foods traditionally found in the Mediterranean area of Europe. These are all foods grown locally and served fresh. Obesity is not a usual problem among persons who live the Prasouda lifestyle and in … [Continue reading]

Breast Cancer and the»

Healthy body and healthy organs need a healthy meal plan of a rich vitamin supply of nutritious food. When you eat well you are on your way to an entire healthy lifestyle. It is through this that you reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes and … [Continue reading]

Prasouda Food Nutrition»

Nutrient and Vitamin Rich Prasouda Diet Here is a short, general list of all the vitamins and nutrients your body will benefit from on the Prasouda diet. Vitamin. A - Found in foods from animals in the vitamin A form. It exists as carotenoids … [Continue reading]

Is it Prasouda or»

Both - sort of. Prasouda is actually a lifestyle of fresh air, activity and good, healthy, fresh robust foods. These foods and recipes have their roots in what is commonly referred to as the Mediterranean diet. The diet itself has essentially … [Continue reading]

Plan for a Healthy Diet

It can be a little complicated to try to get fit and back into health and fitness. The two main ingredients are diet and exercise. Diet - the four letter word that can mean so many things. Exercise - a bigger word that can also mean hundreds … [Continue reading]